What to Consider When Picking a Listing Agent


With the spring housing market heating up, sellers are gearing up to list their property, but with who?

We find that sellers often get caught up in finding an agent who suggests the highest list price for your home and/or an agent who will offer the lowest commission rate. Why aren’t these good factors to base your decision? Let’s dive into the different aspects to consider when choosing your listing agent.

1) Pricing your Home

Your listing agent is responsible for presenting pricing options that are based on recent comparable sales, better known as comps. While hearing that your house is worth the most in the neighborhood is exciting, make sure you have the comps to back those figures. Your listing agent should provide a suggested price range for listing your home, which takes into account current market factors, location, and improvements in the home.  


2) Photography/Staging

These are two extremely important aspects to consider when listing your home. In a 2009 Home Gain Survey of over 2,000 Realtors, it was discovered that home staging typically provides a 586% return on investment. Few people can walk into a home and visualize its potential. Your agent should be able to provide you with a few different stagers to consider using prior to listing your home. Alongside staging, you want to ensure your agent provides you with options of professional photographers; this is essential to maximizing your exposure, showings and potential offers. 

3) Marketing

Be sure your agent provides you with a slew of marketing options for your property. While you will get a majority of exposure through the multiple listing services (MLS), there should be other marketing incentives to ensure your property gets maximum exposure. 

4) Communication   

You should be a priority, always. Be sure to gauge your agent’s communication style, from the start. How long does it take to receive a response? Are they being honest and transparent? Many clients have reached out to us, having previously listed with a discount brokerage, because they felt they were not being responded to in a timely manner and they were working with multiple different agents. Selling your home is an emotional process, it is important to find an agent who recognizes and respects your needs and wants.

5) Reviews 

Hop online and check for reviews about your agent and the brokerage where they hang their license. Many sellers are swooned by their listing agents promises and overlook information that is readily available regarding other people experience, good or bad.


6) Geographic Competency

How well does your agent know your neighborhood? Have they sold there before? This is especially important for marketing purposes and to ensure you are listing your home for the best price. Selling in your home in Fort Collins vs. Cherry Creek is going to involve a different approach.


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