Design Trends: 2021 Edition


PUBLISHED June 15, 2021

By Karl Kennedy

Design trends change year after year making it somewhat difficult to stay current. That’s why staying up-to-date on what’s popular in interior design is so important – that’s also why we’ve constructed a quick pick-me-up, to get you brushed up on what’s going on in 2021.

Past years taught us that the favored design schemes leaned towards that of the 1950s and 1960s; geometric shapes and muted/grayed colors. Some of those choices will continue on into 2021, but trend forecasters are predicting that styles from other decades are going to quickly gain popularity – like that of the 1980s. The transition will bring forward bold colors like bright red and ocean blue, textured surfaces like that of wicker and cane, and eclectic furniture that combines different fabrics and patterns to create unique items. The 1980-themed interior design plan will bring forth a smooth appearance and a sleek reputation.

So, what will your home look like after implementing these approved and admired design fads?

Let’s take a look!

More Paint!

Bright colors are picking up speed in 2021 with homeowners heavily leaning on the three American colors – red, white, and blue. Red makes a statement, white adds space to the room, and blue soothes the soul. Just because these bold shades are super popular does not mean that you have to paint entire rooms in one single color. Most homeowners nowadays are playing it safe, so to speak, by only painting an accent wall versus painting the entirety of the room. An accent wall will provide a hip and refreshingly new design idea to any room.

Tip: Lean on Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams colors; their suggestions are gold. Head on over to your local paint store to check out paint selections today!

More Wallpaper!

If paint doesn’t seem to interest you, there’s always wallpaper. Brave and daring wallpaper is currently making a comeback, and it just so happens to be a great conversation starter for visitors when they come on over. Again, bright colors are highly recommended, so bring back that red, white, and blue. Step a little outside of your comfort zone and pick an out-of-the-ordinary print or pattern to go with the bold color selection; then you’ll get the people talking. Or, if you’re feeling really adventurous, throw some wallpaper on the ceiling – people will be amazed at the choice you made.

Tip: Go with the temporary peel and stick options, that way you can change the paper whenever you want while avoiding all the heavy prices. Visit some local wallcovering shops in your area to see what they suggest!

More Technology!

Smart houses are demanding a more prominent presence here in the 21st century, which means more and more homeowners are transitioning over to a heavily technological-based home. We’re talking smart security systems, smart thermostats, AI technologies, and so much more. Somewhere in that list comes at-home movie theaters – who wants to leave their house to watch an overpriced movie when they can stay at home, comfy in pajamas while eating their favorite snacks? Rhetorical question; the answer to it is no one. Adding your preferred technology systems is 100% a great idea; most homeowners think so!

Tip: Make sure you get all the right equipment for any smart system or at-home movie theater. Start by checking these projectors out!

More Texturization!

More styles from the past are coming in to brighten up living areas, and that includes texturization. The classics, like rattan, and cane, are just wiggling their way back into style. Wicker side chairs are delicately placed in the living room, rattan storage baskets are accenting all sorts of tables, and cane is including itself in coffee tables and bed frames left and right.

Tip: Adding just one texturized item to any room will provide a fully natural look, giving guests an organic feel when they’re in your home.

Whether you’re selling or upgrading the house you currently live in, it doesn’t matter. These suggestions will work wonders by both adding values to the house and new visuals to your eyes. These new design trends will enhance your overall homey theme and you know it!

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