4 Tips for Designing Your Master Bathroom


PUBLISHED March 2, 2022

By Bailey Schramm 

Whatever your daily routine or preferred method of self-care, the master bath can be a great place to unwind and the perfect spot to start each day. Finding the balance between function and luxury, there are a few things to keep in mind when designing your master bath. 


Allowing for natural light in the design of your master bath can brighten up the room and keep things airy. Many do this through the use of skylights or frosted windows to keep the space private to the outside. Plus, letting natural light seep into your space will allow you to contrast with darker vanities, flooring, or paint without it becoming overwhelming.

For lighting fixtures, both overhead lighting and sconces are popular in master bathrooms. Accounting for the size of the bathroom and the natural lighting available, you should make sure to add enough fixtures to keep the room well-lit. In addition, installing lights with dimmers is a great feature for the master bath and can create distinct moods like bright and radiant for your morning routine or soft and relaxed for an evening bath. 


Having a bathroom connected to the master bedroom can be a great convenience, though you should also plan for a clear distinction or division between the two spaces to maintain privacy. Inside of the master bath, square footage permitting, many opt for a private water closet for the toilet so it remains functional but private when two people are sharing the master bath.


One often overlooked aspect of the master bath is planning for adequate storage space. Between extra bed linens, spare towels, cosmetics, and more, master baths frequently require plenty of storage to meet the needs of the homeowners. By designing a sizable vanity or planning for an extra cupboard or shelving, you can be sure that your bathroom has enough space for all the necessities. 

Color and Design

When choosing the tile patterns, vanity, hardware, and mirrors that you will use in your master bathroom, you have plenty of ways to make the space unique and specific to your style. If you’re looking for something cozy and warm or bright and white, you can make these distinctions through your design and style choices. Regardless of the design you opt for, you may want to consider using a cohesive style that matches the master bedroom.

After accounting for the basic necessities like a sink, shower, and toilet, you can be creative with your design choices and layout for your master bath, and really create a space that fits your needs and wants. Most people start and end their days in the bathroom, so it is an important space to design and put thought into when crafting your home. 

Bailey Schramm is a writer from Happy Writers, Co. in partnership with designer furniture retailer Bauhaus2YourHouse.

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