5 Hot Neighborhoods in Denver


Denver has always been a great city, but currently more people are becoming interested in calling the metro area their home. With its lively atmosphere, an abundance of small businesses, exciting nightlife, and a gorgeous view of the Rockies, Denver captures the hearts of millions! It is truly a beautiful city with so much to offer.

If you are looking to relocate or move to the Mile High City, here are a few popular neighborhoods to consider:

1. Cole

The Cole neighborhood borders along the River North Art District (RiNo) which is filled with repurposed warehouses, unique shops and restaurants, and an abundance of artwork from local artists. RiNo is a highly sought after area but has limited residential space leaving home seekers to neighborhoods along the outskirts like Cole. Just to the north of Cole are the Denver Coliseum and National Western Complex that will be revamped in the near future to become a massive event center. Cole also offers easy access to downtown where you can enjoy City Park and its upcoming golf course!


2. Montclair

Sitting on the east side of Denver, Montclair is a beautiful residential neighborhood. It is filled with a variety of different homes, from 20th-century ranch-style homes to Tudor homes and Denver Squares. The northern edge of Montclair is Colfax which adds a slightly more industrial feel to the neighborhood, yet still allowing you to enjoy its homey residential aspects. With its mature trees and easy access to coffee shops and eclectic restaurants, you are sure to find yourself feeling at home in the little slice of suburbia close to the heart of Denver.



3. Mayfair

A smaller neighborhood located within Montclair, Mayfair is an upcoming area expected to increase in value in the next couple of years. The former University of Colorado Health Sciences campus is located close by, which is currently being renovated. This area is within walking distance of Mayfair and will be developed into several parks, plazas, offices, shops, residential buildings, hotels, and restaurants by the end of 2018. This is expected to greatly increase the value of the homes surrounding the new development including Mayfair. If you are looking into a great investment location, Mayfair might just be your opportunity!


4. Villa Park

Villa Park has recently been gaining a lot of interest. It is becoming a highly desirable “pocket” neighborhood within Denver and for good reason. Not only is it located right on the edge of Dry Gulch Park, a popular jogging and biking trail, but it also is a commuter’s dream!Villa Park’s southern border runs along 6th Avenue which helps give commuting residents a 15-minute head start on their morning commute. There are also three light rail stations running the neighborhood making your commute even easier. This neighborhood is filled with beautiful mid-century ranch style homes and offers gorgeous views of Sloan Lake. It is the perfect combination of simple commutes and the beautiful outdoors.


5. Sunnyside

A favorite of most Denverites, this quiet residential neighborhood has much to offer.Throughout Sunnyside you will find coffee shops, popular eateries, boutiques, bars, and parks. It is expected to become a bit busier in the near future due to the Gold Line or G-line extension of the light rail that will be located on the eastern edge of this neighborhood. The homes in this area consist of a wide variety of options including charming bungalows, modern townhomes, and mid-century ranch homes. Its affordability, great zoning, and accessibility to the future G-line, east Sunnyside can be a great area for investors to focus in on.


These neighborhoods are just a few of the hottest areas to live in Denver, but they are not all this amazing town has to offer! Whether you are a business professional, traveler, or have a family, Denver has something perfect for you and your lifestyle.


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