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Charity grew up right here in Colorado in a small rented townhome in Thornton, where she spent the majority of her time learning piano, exploring art and photography, and trying to navigate a world that often places quantity over quality. Having never been able to connect with her childhood home truly, Charity made it one of her first goals to purchase a home she could call hers; a place she could fill with inspiration and creativity, a place that would be safe and cozy, and a place where she could prosper. After working alongside buyers and sellers in her previous job and then going through the home-buying process for herself, Charity realized that real estate was the perfect avenue to connect with people and help them along their journey, while also providing a means to support her artistic endeavors, her husband, and her cat.

Charity attended Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design where she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration. Here she focused extensively on observation, collecting information about the world and the people that occupy it so she could create meaningful pieces that explored human experiences and connections. Later, realizing there is far more to a real estate transaction than the house itself, she set out to pursue a career with the goal of helping people find a place that inspires them, where they could fulfill their passions and dreams. While she is focused on understanding the tangible needs of her clients, she places extra emphasis on understanding the emotional and psychological needs of her clients, and what they want to experience in the life they are creating. She takes great care to communicate effectively with everyone involved in the process, and ensure that needs are met, and concerns are heard and addressed.

Q&A with Charity

1. What do you love about your job?

The thing I love most about my job is having the opportunity to help people by learning about their goals and dreams, in addition to their needs and wants. Beyond that, I love being able to learn more about Colorado and all it has to offer, and about myself and how I can grow and support others better. I also love that the industry itself has high rigidity and structure, which allows me to maintain accountability for myself and my client, while also providing a solid foundation for communication and understanding.

2. What sets you apart from the competition?

With training in fine arts and creative problem solving, as well as work experience in very detail-oriented fields, I strive to maintain a high level of observation and investigation and use these skills to find unexpected delights, or notice issues before they turn into problems. I believe I’m set apart from the competition by my goal to constantly grow and do my best, as well as my often unexpected perspective and experiences; I realized a long time ago that I wasn’t usually in the target demographic for a lot of things, and it put me in a position to discover and create my own experiences. Additionally, I’ve worked in the residential drain cleaning and plumbing industry for roughly a decade, and have experience working with buyers and sellers in preparation for closing. I am intimately acquainted with the inner workings of a home and can offer insight into function or counsel when there may be an element of concern.

3. Who do you most enjoy working with? 

I love working with people who are curious and want to learn and understand, whether that’s about their home or the buying/selling process, a neighborhood, or their interests and passions. I also love working with people who are willing to share their knowledge and experiences and are open and genuine with their interests and aspirations. I love being around people who are inspired and those who try to take a little time each day to make our world a more beautiful and inspiring place.

4. Why did you choose LUX Front Range?

I chose LUX Front Range because I believe in their values and their goals; I believe in their core tenets about doing right by others, being genuine and forward, and maintaining integrity and honesty in situations where that may be complicated. I chose LUX Front Range because I wanted to be a part of a community of people who believe in helping others achieve their dreams while continually pursuing their self-betterment.

5. What is your communication style like?

My communication style is very direct and thorough, and I strive to be informative and helpful in my responses. I believe it is better to take time and form an authentic and genuine response, based on understanding and compassion than to respond hastily with few words and less understanding. When I was a child, I read a quote from one of the Stoic philosophers about how we have two ears and one mouth, and so we should spend twice as much time listening than we do speaking. I have held this wisdom with me and allowed it to become a strong cornerstone for measuring my interactions.

6. What are you passionate about?

I am passionate about helping others make their dreams come true, and bringing inspiration and excitement into their lives. I love to see people succeed, accomplish their goals, or chase their inspiration. As an artist, I am passionate about creating and bringing more beauty into the world, and filling personal spaces with meaningful things, to help create a life worth living and being excited about.

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